About me

I cultivate what was the essence of Art Nouveau which is the aspiration of combining activities from various fields – artistic craftsmanship, interior architecture, sculpture and painting. I promote traditional craftsmanship giving it a contemporary dimension.

For over 30 years Roman Piechocki has been practicing artistic craftsmanship and his studio has gained recognition both in the country and abroad. In 2022 he was awarded the title of Master of Artistic Crafts by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Previously in 2001 he was honored with the Silver Badge for his contributions to the development of crafts in the Wielkopolska region. He has been associated with the Wielkopolska Chamber of Crafts for many years, first as an active member and later as the chairman of the examination committee for the stained glass profession.


After completing practical vocational training at Zygmunt Kosmicki’s stained glass studio in Poznan and obtaining his master’s diploma in 1993 (his master’s work was done in the renowned studio of Maria Powalisz-Bardonska) he opened his own studio. It is impossible to count the number of works he has done both in terms of conservation such as in the Wiejce Palace or the St. Elizabeth’s Church in Arnhem – Netherlands as well as those for private clients. Works with the signature of his studio can be admired in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, the United States and even in distant places like Singapore and Oman.

In his projects he uses various classical stained glass techniques but also introduces innovative solutions such as elements made of tin created through sculptural methods from a previously prepared form. He combines painting techniques and introduces new trends into the traditionally perceived art of stained glass using techniques like fusing which involves melting glass giving flat glass panels a three-dimensional character and creating facets on elements to form glass prisms that diffract light.

He has participated in dozens of prestigious exhibitions both in Poland and abroad where he promoted the art of glass and the history of Polish stained glass. He has trained students from arts high school and prepared shows for senior groups in Poznan as part of the activities of the University of the Third Age. He has trained many students including his own daughter who is an art historian with a master’s diploma in the profession of a stained glass.

Masters of Art – the history of this honorary title goes back to 1978. Roman Piechocki joined in 2021 the prestigious group of one thousand recognized craftsmen.